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BOATS MOOR - Alastair Noble, from the series “Message in a Bo(a)ttle” is an installation of suspended paper boats carrying poetic messages currently on exhibit at Dunoon MOCA. This is the third version of this installation each taking a different form and venue. In this case, boats hang from the gallery ceiling in the form of a rowing boat, dark to light blue boats define the lower sections with a gunwale in white boats. The messages are excerpts from the writings of numerous Scots poets and writers which celebrate the coastline, the fishing industry and legends of the sea including; W S Graham, John Burnside, George Mackay Brown and Sorely MacLean. The previous installation took place at the St Andrews Heritage Museum & Garden as part of the STANZA Poetry Festival 2022.

This is supplemented by a series of handmade printed folded folios (370x290m) each with a printed portolan chart on archival paper supporting a folded paper boat containing a message as per the installation with blue backing paper, thread bound onto white HMP cover available Gnōbilis Press.

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