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James Joyce’s Ulysses and Homer’s Odyssey was transformed into an artist’s book Ulixes offering a poetic typographical experience with the colour blue at its core. The dust jacket literally follows Joyce’s desire to match the Greek flag, its title Ulixes, floats over a detailed image of the blue and white flagIts internal structure follows Joyce’s schema for Ulysses; three chapters and eighteen episodes, However, where Joyce left the episode titles out of his text I inserted them with the first letter of each Greek title an oversized capital letter filling the page, while the remaining letters of the word appear much smaller in the lower right following the design of Ernst Reichl’s examples in the 1934 Random House edition. The body of text is made up of all the 110 sentences that include the colour blue in Ulysses juxtaposed by the twelve sentences in the Odyssey that employ the phrase a wine-dark sea that floats over watery blue pages.


Ulixes is available through Gnōbilis Press & DunoonMOCA, 

Signed edition 40, dimensions 242 x 190 mm, 

156 pages perfect bound softcover with separate dust cover, 

inner pages colour on uncoated 140 avocet uncoated offset



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